In summer, you may notice UV protection for your eyes and face-using sunglasses and sunscreen, but it seems to ignore the sun protection in winter. It is generally believed that sunlight is weak and does not require sun protection, which can free our skin. In fact, ultraviolet rays have not been reduced due to the arrival of winter, but 80% of the ultraviolet rays are reflected because of snow. Therefore, when doing bicycle outdoor activities, we still need a mask to protect our facial skin from UV rays.

How sunscreen masks work when cycling

When riding a bicycle for a long time, you will find that many people wrap themselves, including bicycle helmets, bicycle sunglasses, sun protection arms, and leg covers, etc., which can reduce skin sunburn and nausea. But they do not have effective sun protection on the face and may apply sunscreen, but sunscreens have a very short sun protection time and need to be applied every two hours. During a pleasant ride, you usually forget to apply it or you can’t park it in time. There is still a risk of sunburn. This is very easy to solve, only a mask with sun protection is required.

Avoid greasy

The sun mask can cover most areas of the face (except the eyes), avoid UV rays from the skin, and does not need to park and apply sunscreen, which is very convenient. Most sunscreens may be greasy and uncomfortable when repeatedly applied to the face. The mask is only covered on the face and can be removed at any time to increase the fun of traveling.

Physical barrier

The most effective sun protection is physical sun protection, which can establish a barrier directly between the ultraviolet rays and the skin, and isolate the ultraviolet rays from the barrier. The sunscreen applied to the skin differentiates the ultraviolet rays through chemical action. If the sunscreen is not applied evenly, it will easily cause mottled sunburn marks on the face. The sunscreen mask is a physical barrier that directly shields the ultraviolet rays from the mask and prevents the face from the show.


When riding, it is difficult to avoid encountering dusty areas. The dust raised by the wind will not only enter the eyes but also be absorbed on the skin surface. When you reach your destination, your face may be filled with "vicissitudes", covered with dust, and how terrible it is to wash your face without sufficient water.

Anti-mosquito bites

There are fewer mosquito bites in winter than in summer, but in fact, there will still be insects that are not afraid of the cold, especially in areas with dense trees and fewer people, but these places are often challenged by riders. Therefore a mask may protect your face from mosquito bites. Dust and wounds can easily cause inflammation or viruses, and masks can sometimes prevent skin inflammation.

Prevents chapped skin

Winter is a relatively dry season. When riding, the wind will scrape from the face and take away the moisture from the skin surface. Once the skin cannot be replenished in time, the facial skin will likely be dry and tingling, and severe cases will face dry bleeding skin. The mask can protect against wind, reduce moisture loss and prevent dryness on the face.

How to choose a sun mask

face mask


Since the mask directly contacts the facial skin, it is important to choose a soft and breathable fabric. Fabrics such as polyester, spandex, and polyester fibers have the advantages of being sturdy, soft and abrasion-resistant, wicking away perspiration and high air permeability, and can be used multiple times. The soft fabric will not rub the skin and make the skin aging. The high permeability is that the mask can adjust the temperature of the face and keep comfortable; it is easy to sweat when riding, and the mask can be kept dry.


In winter, it is best to choose Balaclava-type masks, which can almost completely cover the skin above the shoulders, and provide comprehensive sun protection, wind protection and dust protection for the head, face, ears, and neck. The balaclava mask can keep the covered area warm and dry; its design is convenient and comfortable, and you don't have to take it off at rest, just pull it to your neck. Balaclava masks are also available in full-face coverage, open, and half-mask styles, and can be purchased based on personal preferences and need.

Sun protection index

Choosing a mask with sun protection can provide continuous sun protection to the skin, keep the skin under the protection of the mask, avoid ultraviolet radiation, and prevent skin sunburn and aging. Choose a UPF50 + sunscreen to protect your skin even in summer.


There are many choices for choosing a mask. If you don't like a full-face mask or a monotonous mask, you can choose a fashion design with special and vivid colors, which can show your personality and fashion. It's cool to wear a stylish mask while cycling.