When Allen Iverson used arm sleeves in a basketball game in 2000, basketball fans began to wear arm sleeves. And the arm sleeves gradually became famous. Nowadays, we can often see athletes and celebrities wearing arm sleeves during basketball games, running, and reality shows. But who can think of the arm sleeves is only an aid.


Reduce muscle damage

The arm sleeves can exert a sense of pressure on the muscles of the arms, reduce muscle vibrations, thereby improving the stability of the arm swing and keeping the muscles of the arms tight, so that the arm muscles are not easily pulled under severe exercise conditions.


Increase blood circulation

Many tests have shown that during exercise, wearing high-compression arm sleeves, the muscles of the artery can regulate and squeeze the blood, making the blood resist gravity. The arm sleeves keep the arm muscles tight. Wearing sleeves creates a sense of oppression on the surface of the human.


Keeping the temperature of the arm

During the exercise, the arm sleeves can absorb the sweat in time and keep it dry, so that keeping the arm temperature can ensure that the energy of the arm is not easily lost and maintain body temperature. If you go out in the winter, the arm guards can also keep warm.


Prevent skin abrasions, scratches, and scratches

When doing outdoor activities, especially climbing, you may be scratched by a tree branch or bitten by insects. The arm selves protect the skin from scratches, abrasions, insect bites, etc.



The arm sleeves protect the skin from UV rays. We all know that it is very harmful to the skin under the sun for a long time. Nowadays, skin cancer is becoming more and more common, so the arm sleeves for sun protection during outdoor sports can reduce ultraviolet radiation and reduce the risk of skin cancer.


Helps wound healing and restore muscle

As early as 150 years ago, compression technology was used in medical apparel applications. Compressing the arm sleeves helps the muscles recover faster, allowing the blood to circulate faster to the heart and aid in faster healing of the wound. Patients with arthritis or tendonitis can also use arm sleeves to support arm muscles, joints, and ligaments, and to alleviate the pain caused by joint movement.


Cover the tattoo

Arm sleeves can also be used to cover certain tattoos that are considered inappropriate or objectionable, and some NBA stars will also wear arm guards to cover the tattoo.


Show personality

A special style of arm sleeves can show your personality and make you look stylish and attitude. Some people choose to design special arm sleeves just to show their style. Very cool!



Drivers don't always have to concentrate when driving, so choose brightly colored arm sleeves to help the driver notice you. In addition, when running in the morning or evening, the unique and bright arm sleeves can increase the chances of others seeing you ensure your safety.


How to choose the correct arm sleeves?



Choose high-performance fabrics such as nylon, spandex, microfiber or hybrid fabrics to ensure. The high gas permeability allows sweat to be excreted from the body, quickly absorbs sweat, and keeps the arm fresh and dry even in a high-temperature environment, effectively preventing bacterial growth. The fabric is strong and sturdy, can be stretched infinitely for multiple uses, and can be replaced in months or even days.


Before buying an arm sleeve, be sure to check if your size is appropriate. It is recommended that you measure your biceps and arm length and observe the arm muscle density to ensure that the sleeve is close to the arm but not tight. The most important thing is that the width of the arm sleeves must be less than the width of the biceps in the relaxed state. If the sleeve is too big, it is useless. If the size is too small, the arm will be under excessive pressure and may even cause injury. The following size chart can help you find the right size.


Sun protection factor

Some sleeves do not provide sun protection or have a sun protection index lower than UPF 25+. This requires your choice of sun protection. However, if you are doing outdoor sports frequently, please choose the sleeve that can provide UPF50+ sunscreen, so as to protect yourself from UV rays and protect the skin from skin aging.

riding a bike

Anti-slip setting

Many of the adhesive sleeves of the arm sleeves can't be fixed. Usually, they will slip off the arm after a few times. Therefore, if you choose arm sleeves with adhesive tape, you can fix the sleeves on your arms without slipping. You don't need to adjust the sleeves from time to time. Reduce the fun of sports.


High compression force

The high compressive force can effectively support the joints and surrounding muscles, keep the muscles in the right position, relieve fatigue and muscle soreness, accelerate muscle recovery, increase muscle endurance, so to protect muscles and muscles after exercise, the rapid recovery, choose to have a high Compressive sleeve.



High-density stitching technology maximizes compression, comfort, fit and performance. This means that the sleeves are less worn and less prone to looseness. No wear means firm compression quality and a higher number of uses, while also reducing friction during exercise and improving comfort.



The use and benefits of arm sleeves are really many, whether you are a cyclist, basketball player, football player, baseball or golfer, runners.