You may have seen fitness people wearing body armor and body socks in different places, such as stadiums or streets. Maybe sports friends around you will recommend using compression garments (such as compression arm sleeves and compression running socks) because they can help restore muscle and improve blood circulation, but you may question the benefits of compression clothing. What is compression? Can it help muscle recovery?

What is compression?

The principle of compression has appeared in ancient Rome. Soldiers found that their legs were tightly wrapped after leggings, which is more conducive to long-term marching. Because of long hours of walking, blood flows down more, causing blood vessels in the lower limbs to swell. It affects the speed of marching, and leggings can solve this problem. Later, compression was gradually applied to medical treatment, specifically for the relief and prevention of venous diseases such as varicose veins, blood clots, and lymphedema.

It is well known that the heart pushes the flow of blood in the human body. When blood passes through the arteries and the capillaries return to the veins, the power has weakened, and the veins need to overcome gravity and form a large pressure to send the blood back to the heart. At the same time, the double-valve valve in the venous blood vessels will adhere to the blood vessel wall during the blood returning to the heart, so that the blood flows smoothly. Once the vein is abnormal, the two valves open to prevent venous return. This is usually the case in people with venous disease, so adding a bottom-up pressure to the vein by compression can push the venous counterflow while applying pressure to the valve to improve valve function. This is how the medical compression garment works.

What are the benefits of compression?

1. Increase blood circulation

If the venous blood flow is not smooth, the valve function is weakened, the blood will stay in the venous blood vessels, and the blood vessels will lose oxygen and become dark purple, and the blood vessels will swell and cause pain. The area where the blood vessels are swollen will protrude on the surface of the skin or the reticulated veins will appear, and even the swollen area will gradually enlarge the entire leg. Compression can exert pressure on the blood vessels of the body, speed up the flow of blood from the venous blood vessels back to the heart, thereby speeding up the circulation and circulation of blood between the veins and the heart, helping to improve the symptoms of poor blood circulation, effectively alleviating and preventing venous diseases and prevention.

venous diseases

2. Promote the flow of the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system under normal conditions can operate in lymphoid tissues, while taking away excess substances such as toxins and dead cells that are constantly produced in the blood due to metabolism. Once the lymphatic system has problems, it can not function properly. Excess substances such as toxins and dead cells will accumulate liquid in the blood vessels of the human body, causing swelling of the human body, especially in the arms and legs, and edema. The compression arm sleeve helps to promote the functioning of the lymphatic system, promotes blood flow along the path, gradually removes excess material accumulated in the blood, delivers nutrients to these areas, and maintains the normal functioning of the lymphatic system.

3. Help muscle recovery

During exercise, muscle tissue absorbs oxygen and nutrients from the blood to convert it into the energy needed for human activity. When the blood transports oxygen and nutrients are not enough to replenish the energy needed for exercise, the copper propionate in the human body is converted into lactic acid to provide energy to the human body, but the produced lactic acid is not consumed by the human body in time, and it will accumulate. The limbs cause muscle soreness and fatigue, which is not conducive to muscle recovery after exercise. Compression can accelerate blood circulation, provide more oxygen and nutrients to the body, thereby reducing the production and accumulation of lactic acid, helping to relieve muscle fatigue and soreness. Oxygen and nutrients in the blood supply energy to the muscles, speed up muscle recovery and shorten muscle recovery cycles.

4. Reduce muscle turbulence

When the foot is stepped on the ground, the foot will exert a downward force on the ground and the ground will have a reaction force on the foot to cause muscle shock, which may cause inflammation and joint damage. By compressing the muscles to make the muscles firm, effectively reducing the muscle traction caused by the movement of the feet, it can provide a strong supporting effect to protect the muscles and reduce the inflammatory response of the muscles. At the same time, the compression can evenly stress the joint, disperse the pressure exerted by the joint, and reduce the damage to the joint tissue caused by repeated pedaling of the foot.

The use and advantages of compression garments

Compression arm sleeves

In all sports, you may see that the sport wears compression arm sleeves and looks different. The compression arm sleeve is a garment that can effectively compress the arm muscles, reducing the swelling and soreness of the arms. Compressed arm sleeves are suitable for people with more arm movements such as basketball, baseball, and fitness enthusiasts who like to exercise their arms. They can also help people with symptoms of arm discomfort after exercise.

compression arm sleeves

1. Reduce swelling of the arm muscles. This is the benefit that almost all compression garments can offer. Wearing arm compression sleeves can help the injured area of the arm to accelerate blood circulation, improve the blood circulation of the arm caused by injury, and reduce muscle swelling and inflammation.

2. Accelerate the recovery of arm muscles. The compression arm sleeves allow the blood in the arm area to flow back to the heart faster, transport nutrients to the arm muscle tissue, help the arm muscles recover from muscle strain caused by exercise, and reduce recovery time.

3. Relieve arm cramps. The compression arm sleeves can speed up the delivery of nutrients to the arm muscles, lower the level of lactate, relieve muscle soreness caused by exercise, help the muscles relax, and avoid cramps caused by muscle tension in the arms.

4. Adjust body temperature. When exercising outdoors in the winter, the effect of compression sleeves to help regulate body temperature is even more pronounced. When the arm temperature rises and sweats during exercise, the compression sleeve can absorb the water in time, reduce the heat consumed when the water evaporates, and the temperature of the arm is lowered, the body temperature is adjusted and kept stable.

Compression running socks

Ball athletes such as runners, sedentary people and basketball can benefit from compression stockings that provide support and recovery for their feet and reduce foot injuries.

1. Alleviate plantar fasciitis. Repeated foot impact movement produces a saw on the arch of the foot, which can easily cause pain in the plantar fasciitis. The compression sock can offset the force of part of the foot impact, reduce and differentiate the pressure on the sole of the foot, and effectively alleviate and prevent the plantar tendon. Membrane inflammation.

2. Alleviate varicose veins. Sedentary or standing for a long time will affect the blood circulation of the legs, causing the venous valve to weaken and form leg varices. Compression socks can compress the veins of the legs, forcing the venous blood back to the heart for effective circulation, reducing blood build-up, preventing swelling of the feet, and helping to relieve varicose veins.

3. Help the leg muscles recover. Prolonged foot movements can cause muscle soreness and even cramps. Compression socks can speed up the delivery of nutrients and reduce the recovery time of muscles after exercise, especially for athletes who need to exercise for a long time.


Compressed clothing can help and maintain the blood circulation of the human body, and can effectively prevent and alleviate the symptoms caused by poor blood circulation. Compression sleeves and compression running socks like basketball, football, baseball and other sports-loving people have an excellent effect, can effectively protect the muscle health of the hands and feet, reduce the damage caused by exercise to the human body, and people's sports are not scrupulous.