Christmas is a festival full of joy and gifts

Christmas is December 25th each year, although it is at the end of the year, it is a very interesting holiday. In the eyes of children, this is a festival full of joy and gifts. In the eyes of couples, this is another Valentine's Day. Different people will treat them differently. And the fairy tale of Santa Claus riding in a sleigh and climbing into the chimney to give gifts has long been engraved in everyone's mind. Giving each other gifts has also become a Christmas tradition.


Aries man personality is simpler than the Aries woman. If he takes the initiative to speak to you, you will follow him happily. If he doesn't speak, you ask him directly, he will also say. But if you are embarrassed to ask and don't know what he likes, please "pack up" yourself and give it to him on Christmas Eve.

Reference gift: sexy cosplay.


If you don't have any hidden "big tricks" that you haven't used before, don't do things like "giving yourself as a gift to him at Christmas" to Taurus. If you are good at cooking, it is good to cook for him. But if you are not good at cooking, give up this idea. Taurus men receive gifts very traditionally, but remember that gifts must be expensive.

Reference gifts: watches, shirts, belts, tie clips.

 tie clips


The Gemini man's heart planted a whole grassland. If you pay a little attention, basically what he usually reads all day long, you can just pick one and buy it. But if you don't know, the new digital products are not wrong. But you pay attention, don't overlap with some of his purchases.

Reference gifts: mobile phones, thermal printers.


Cancer men are more sensitive and shy than Cancer women. But there is one thing to pay special attention to, although Cancer males are sensitive in personality, they like to emphasize that they are macho. Therefore, stuffed toys are not particularly intimate, so do n't give them away, or they will get angry.

Reference gifts: Couples can send slippers, pajamas, underwear, plush toys, scarves and gloves.


The Leo man is very good. After all, as long as the girlfriend gave a gift, he felt that he was very face-saving. But still, imitations and weird "creative" toys need not be considered. It is best to give him a gift that can be taken apart and used by everyone. It would be more perfect if someone could ask him where the gift came from.

Reference gifts: designer glasses, hats, ties, scarves, tie clips, cufflinks, and AirPods case.

 AirPods case kmmin


It's hard to give a gift to a Virgo man. No matter what you send, he will be faulty. So if you don't want to hear him talk a lot, you can give nothing. But if you want to send it, you still have to consider things that are functional and simple in appearance.

Reference gifts: famous brands of notebooks and pens.


Libra men are complete gentlemen. Even if you send it wrong, he won't be disgusted in person, but there is no guarantee that he will go home and despise you at night. So don't give him too much surprise, you have to give something unexpected. Just buy a regular gift, the important texture is good, and the packaging is beautiful.

Reference gift: watches, shirts, belts, tie clips.


The Capricorn man is even more picky about gifts, just practical. For a married husband, give him something he usually eats and wears, from underwear and socks to mobile phones and computers, depending on your budget. It's not good to give a boyfriend such an ambiguous gift, and if you don't have that much money, a wallet or something is good.

Reference gift: sportswear

 sportswear shinymod


"Giving yourself as a gift" is also good for Scorpio men. But the Scorpio man is much more sensitive than the Aries man. If you are in a bad state, it will easily destroy the atmosphere. However, DIY homemade gifts are quite easy to impress Scorpio man, no matter how stupid your gift is, as long as you express your love for him nakedly.

Reference gift: DIY gift.


Sagittarius is more playful than Sagittarius. No gift is better than letting him spend a day off to fooling around with his friends. Of course, if you are willing to dress very hot, soak up with his friends and play well, he will be even happier. Of course, you are not interested in this, so let him go to participate in the group activities he likes.

Reference gift: Tickets for a game of his favorite team.

 ticket of favorite team


Aquarius is the weakest gender in the 12 constellations. In addition to some "functional" products, it can also give gifts to Aquarius women, and basically to Aquarius men. However, the Aquarius man may be a bit more tinkerer than the Aquarius woman, so the ease of giving a gift does not need to be too high, let him tinker with the usage himself!

Reference gift: LCD tablet.


If the Pisces woman's romance comes from the “parallel world” in the film and television drama, the Pisces man's romance mostly comes from the detached reality and travels back to the ancient romantic fantasy. Rarely will they fantasize about being a knight, and most Pisces men will fantasize about being a romantic peerless boy. So the gift is based on his favorite film and TV series.