Christmas is the most exciting time of the year for all Americans. Every year, Christmas merchants release various types of Christmas discount information in advance. Everyone has enough time to make shopping plans, improve efficiency, save money, and enjoy Christmas shopping. If you have any regrets about shopping on Black Friday, you can continue shopping during Christmas discounts to buy the goods you need or buy Christmas's most thoughtful gifts for close family and friends. I have compiled a list of the best discounts on sportswear for you to help you buy the best deals.

1. Sun cooling arm sleeves

Sun cooling arm sleeves


This cooling arm cover is unisex, and the size is suitable for everyone, don't worry about the size. Arm sleeves can compress the arm without cutting off blood circulation to the arm. In summer, the armband also has a sun protection effect, which can block 99.8% of ultraviolet rays and prevent sunburn of the arm; the fabric of the armband comes with unique ice silk, which can cool the arm and bring a cool and comfortable feeling. It can be used for driving, outdoor sports, and outdoor work without sunscreen. This sun protection armband now enjoys a 65% Christmas holiday discount for only $ 15.99.

2.Compression arm sleeves

Compression arm sleeves

The compression arm sleeve has the advantages of high compression force, can effectively promote blood circulation in the arm, increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients in the blood, improve muscle vitality, reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscle, and accelerate the recovery of the arm muscles. When performing arm movements, a lot of energy will be consumed to cause tension in the arm muscles and cause arm cramps or muscle damage. Compression arm sleeve can relax the tense muscles, relieve muscle fatigue, and prevent arm cramps. Facing the situation that the arm will sweat a lot during exercise, the arm sleeve can absorb sweat quickly, keep ventilation, and keep the arm dry and cool. Men's Sports Compression Arm Sleeve was $ 33.99, now $ 14.99.

3. Fashion sports sweat-proof headband

Fashion sports sweat-proof headband

The headband made of three kinds of mixed fabrics of polyester fiber, spandex and bamboo charcoal fiber can quickly absorb and wick away perspiration, which can completely solve the problem of sweating on the head during exercise. The headband has superelastic characteristics, which is basically suitable for everyone's head circumference, and can be fixed on the head without slipping easily; the fabric is soft and light and does not increase the burden on the head. Sweatproof headband can be used in gyms, yoga, cycling, basketball and other indoor and outdoor sports occasions, and it can also be used as a wristband to protect the wrist or headband. This sweat-proof headband can be purchased for only $ 12.99.

4. Compression calf sleeves

Compression calf sleeves

Provides perfect compression for the lower leg, which prevents and relieves leg swelling and soreness caused by exercise. Compression calf sleeve adopts graded compression technology (20-30mmHg), which promotes the oxygen circulation of the calf to the maximum, helps to reduce the accumulation of lactic acid in the calf muscles, and accelerates the recovery of leg muscles. It is the perfect gift for sports friends. The elastic and soft fabric contacts the skin, reducing the friction between the leg sleeves and the skin for comfort; it is equipped with a professional wear-resistant non-slip strip, which can be firmly fixed on the lower leg without falling. Suitable for runners, hikers, and office workers to help them relieve calf swelling and soreness and prevent venous disease. Shinymod compression calf sleeves are on sale for a new product, and it only costs $ 12.99.

5. Compression high impact sports bra

Compression high impact sports bra

Sports bras compress the breasts against the breasts by compression, keeping the breasts tight, and fixing the breasts in a proper position, effectively reducing breast sway, and avoiding breast damage and affecting breast health. High impact sports bras can provide better support for the breasts and keep the breasts fixed; they can withstand high impact sports while still ensuring that the breasts will not deform and sag. Wider bra straps help spread weight, reduce backpressure, and provide better comfort. The front zip is more convenient than a sports bra with a pull-over and does not squeeze the breasts. Polyamide and spandex blended fabric is soft and breathable, it quickly absorbs sweat from the skin and keeps it cool. This front zip high-strength sports bra is 53% off on Christmas Day and costs $ 25.99.

6. Compression arch sleeves

Compression arch sleeves

Compression of arch support Compresses and supports the arch of the foot, dispersing the force of the arch, and can alleviate foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, and arthritis. Copper helps stimulate the body's immune system to resist and prevent infections, reducing the chance of foot inflammation. This compressed arch cover contains 35% bio-copper, which can help injured feet recover quickly. The arch sleeve area is small and easy to put on and take off. It can be worn in socks, outside the socks or barefoot, and can be worn with any shoes all day. If your friend suffers from arch pain, the arch cover is very thoughtful as a Christmas gift. Now Shinmod's compressed arch cover is on sale for only $ 12.99.

7. Sports socks

Sports socks

Socks are daily necessities that need to be changed, especially for friends who like to run, socks will be consumed faster. For those who often run, they have higher requirements for socks. As we all know, sports will sweat a lot, especially the feet, so socks need higher breathability, faster and more durable sweat absorption. In addition to being able to absorb sweat quickly to achieve breathability, these sports socks are also targeted at the needs of the fitness crowd. Thickening treatments on the toes and heels of the socks can effectively reduce the friction between feet and shoes. The middle part of the socks is made of highly elastic nylon fabric, which effectively wraps the arch of the foot with extra padding to provide cushioning to reduce foot pain. Men's and women's sports socks are now available at a discounted price of $ 12.99.