As Christmas approaches, various shopping lists are beginning to appear, challenging the selection of gifts. How should I choose a gift for my friend? Don’t worry, you can choose the most thoughtful gift for your friends according to their hobbies. For example, running lovers, basketball lovers, and yoga lovers can give them fitness gifts to show them care. Fitness equipment can help them. They recover after exercise, a gift that will not be put on the shelf by fitness friends.

1. Low cut compression running socks

Low cut compression running socks

Running socks are definitely the equipment that fitness friends need to buy every once in a while. This is not a small expense. Buying running socks as a Christmas gift should be a good gift. You won't worry that you don't know enough about fitness equipment and don't give your friends a thoughtful gift. Don't worry that your friends will receive the same running socks and be sad. Low-top running socks can provide compression to allow oxygen and nutrients to flow to the feet and ankles for longer exercise times; they can also provide support to the ankles and reduce ankle injuries. Lycra fiber running socks have the advantages of wear resistance and softness, which can reduce the wear on the socks and maintain comfort; at the same time, spandex and cotton fabrics can quickly absorb moisture and sweat, and keep feet cool and prevent foot odor.

2.Leg compression socks

Leg compression socks

Friends who love fitness will face leg pain or fatigue because during long-term exercise consumption, an insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients in the blood will cause an increase in lactic acid level; and an increase in lactic acid level will cause leg fatigue And pain. Calf compression socks can compress the calf muscles, increase blood circulation in the legs and transport oxygen, reduce the conversion of lactic acid to relieve leg fatigue, and accelerate the recovery of leg muscles. But before you buy calf compression socks, you need to know the calf size of your friends or the size that your friends often buy to determine the right size to provide the perfect compression for the calves, so that the compression socks are not too tight to hinder blood circulation in the legs or too loose to provide muscle recovery effect.

3. Compression arch sleeves

Compression arch sleeves

The arch sleeves are very helpful for fitness people who have intense foot movements such as running, hiking, and yoga. The arch sleeve is used in the sole of the foot to provide support to the arch and reduce the damage of the arch to the foot. It is suitable for foot diseases such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and heel spurs. In addition, copper helps stimulate the body's immune system to fight the benefits of infection, can reduce the inflammation of the soles of the feet, and help the feet recover quickly from injuries. At the same time, a special fabric that can absorb sweat quickly can keep the soles of the feet dry and avoid causing bacterial or fungal infections. The arch sleeve is only worn in the arch area and does not affect the wearing of socks. That is to say, it can be worn under the socks or worn overnight during exercise, which is very convenient.

4. Compression arm sleeves

compression arm sleeves

Swelling and sore arms are very common in fitness people, especially those with intense arm movements such as basketball, dumbbells, and baseball. The arm sleeve can progressively compress the arm muscles to help increase blood circulation in the arm and keep the arm warm and comfortable; it can also effectively relieve muscle pain and accelerate the recovery of arm muscles. When your friend is increasing the exercise of the arm muscles, the arm muscles are prone to swelling or soreness. At this time, the gift of compressing the arm sleeves is very useful for him, which can help him quickly relieve muscle fatigue and swelling after exercise. , To better complete his arm muscle training.

5. Helmet liner cap

Helmet liner cap

Due to the low outdoor temperature in winter, the exposed skin will cause body heat loss, so the best way to avoid head cold when exercising outdoors is to cover the head and reduce heat loss. In cold weather, once the head is cold, it will feel that the body's heat will quickly dissipate, and the head, ears and other parts are prone to frostbite and cause diseases. The helmet lining keeps the head warm and dry and keeps the body warm. During exercise, sweat will evaporate and absorb heat, and the body temperature will decrease. The helmet lining can absorb sweat quickly, preventing sweat from staying on the skin and evaporating body heat. This is a thoughtful gift for friends who like outdoor sports.

6.Face mask

face mask

Although the causes of cold and flu are more likely to occur in winter, the importance of wind and cold protection in winter is undeniable. In cold weather conditions, the body's immune system will decline. Breathing cold air during outdoor exercise will cause the upper respiratory tract to cool, and the nose will feel cold-causing colds and flu symptoms, which will increase the chance of virus reproduction in the nose. You can use balaclava to keep your head, face, and neck warm during outdoor sports in winter, reducing the risk of colds and flu and avoiding viral infections. The mask can be the full-face type or half-face type, and the required style can be selected according to the weather conditions of the area in which you live.

7. Sports headband

Sports headband

The sports headband has long-lasting moisture-wicking and quick-drying functions, which can solve the problem of eye discomfort or infection caused by sweat entering the eyes. At the same time, the elasticity of the headband makes it suitable for everyone's head size, without having to worry about being too tight or too loose when the size is inappropriate. If some men do not fix long hair during exercise, the hair can slip through the eyes and damage eye health. The headband can help fix the front hair and prevent it from entering the eyes and causing infection. Fortunately, the headband now has both fashion features and many unique icons to show personality and fashion, not just sports equipment. This is both a gift for sports equipment and a gift for fashion accessories.