Work and life are like a busy schedule, it is difficult to have a fixed time for effective exercise because your exercise plan is easily disrupted by sudden work or household chores, so that the fitness plan is compressed in the time, Such as getting up early or skipping social networking, but in order to have more exercise time, you may directly wear sneakers and then run out?

This is not right. Whether you just want to become healthier or a fitness enthusiast, you should prepare before running to better exercise and prevent sports injuries. If you exercise without preparing your body, it will be as difficult as a car engine to drive in cold conditions, and you will not be able to realize your potential. Therefore, you must prepare for better exercise before running.


During the limited running time, you may forget to drink water in advance and have to stop and buy water during the exercise to rehydrate. Before you exercise, you should calculate the amount of water you need to add, which needs to take into account the distance you run, the weather at the time, and your physical condition. You can ask yourself: Did you drink caffeine or alcoholic beverages today? Did you drink water before? Do you feel thirsty?

Remember to rehydrate half an hour before running, especially in hot weather; if you run longer than 45 minutes, you need to develop a reasonable hydration plan. If you are not a professional athlete or have trouble, avoid getting full when hydrating, as this also shows that you are drinking too much water. If you feel full, delay 30-60 minutes before starting your running workout.

2. Warm-up

If you feel tight muscles or pain while running, it may be that you did not perform a reasonable warm-up exercise to warm up the body and stretch the tight muscles, which caused sports injuries. Studies have shown that proper stretching exercises can effectively reduce sports injuries. If you do not warm up, it is necessary to warm up the engine before starting the engine in very cold weather, otherwise, the car will be damaged and unusable.

Before running, you can perform 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching exercises such as big arm circles, leg swings, lunges, etc., so that you benefit from warming up, allowing blood to quickly flow through the muscles of the body to improve physical performance and make the body more Energetic; stretching exercises can also maintain the flexibility of muscles and joints, so that the body's muscles and joints are in the maximum range of motion, avoiding joint and muscle damage.

listen music

3. Music

If you are running for a long time and need great endurance and motivation, music can provide extra motivation for your running and help improve your emotional level and transfer negative emotions. In other words, music has been scientifically proven to help you improve athletic performance and endurance, while also making sports fun. Music can also make the pace follow the rhythm of music when running, help relax the motor nerves, and make running more efficient and enjoyable.

However, on the other hand, it does not mean that music needs to be played continuously during the running process. When running without music, you can focus more on the coordination between running and body breathing, and relax the rhythm of body breathing according to the frequency of running. Perform efficient aerobic exercise. Stable breathing frequency can extend the time and endurance of running instead of panting and then stop giving up running.

4. Sports equipment

Have you ever tried to start your exercise instead of wearing sports clothes but ordinary clothes, and found that these clothes may limit your body's range of motion or you find foot bruising and bleeding after running, so it is best to change to a comfortable one before exercising sportswear.

Sports clothing has very good elasticity and soft characteristics, so it will not restrict physical activity and allow you to swing your legs and arms comfortably while running, and exercise will cause a lot of sweat and heat in the body. The breathable effect allows the sweat to evaporate quickly and keeps the body cool without stuffiness. In addition, if sweat stays on the skin for too long, it is easy to irritate the skin and even adsorb dust on the roadside, causing skin inflammation.

You can wear comfortable sports clothing and running shoes before running to make running safer and more comfortable. You can also invest in compression of the calf sleeve to provide compression for the calf muscles to increase blood circulation in the legs, help relieve leg fatigue and reduce delayed leg pain.

arm sleeve

5. Choose a reasonable running route

Many people do not set up a reasonable running route and terrain before running, which interrupts the running process and affects running efficiency and mood. Therefore, before starting to run, choose a reasonable route and terrain to ensure the achievement of exercise goals and ensure safety. Choosing a reasonable running route needs to take into account distance, terrain and flow of people. A reasonable distance will ensure that the body can withstand the intensity of running.

Correct terrain means avoiding hard surfaces such as asphalt and concrete terrain and choosing soft surfaces such as soil to avoid hard the ground causes damage to joints and bones, and the choice of pedestrian flow is to avoid crowded and traffic-intensive places to avoid interruption to running and danger. You can choose to start running in the gym, park, or local high school track, which can avoid crowded people and cars and exercise with others to form a friendly atmosphere.

The fitness level and goals of each runner are not consistent. You need to figure out whether these pre-exercise preparations are good for you or what are the benefits. You don't need to fully follow these rules. If you have more suitable rules and preparation methods, you can follow Previous habits ensure that you can achieve perfect athletic performance. Hurry up and start your running exercise!