For fitness enthusiasts, cold winters do not stop them from exercising. Instead, they feel that fitness can drive away the cold winters and bring warmth. For winter fitness, perfect fitness equipment is very important to keep the body warm and blood circulation, because a warm body can avoid cramps caused by poor blood circulation. After one year of using your fitness equipment has become obsolete, it is time to update your sports equipment. Hurry up and buy items to perfect your running gear at Christmas!

1.Compression leg sleeves

Compression leg sleeves

When running, the leg muscles are pulled, which can easily cause tension and soreness in the leg muscles. Therefore, appropriate warm-up activities will be performed before the start of running to help wake up the muscles and accelerate the body's blood circulation to increase oxygen and Nutrients that increase body temperature ensure that the body is in a comfortable state. Muscle retention during exercise and muscle recovery after exercise require compression of the leg sleeves to help. Compression leg sleeves can progressively compress the calf muscles, reducing muscle tension and swelling caused by running; in the winter, the temperature is lower, and the leg sleeve can also adjust the leg temperature to keep the legs warm.

Although the compression leg sleeves can be used many times with a wear-resistant fabric, after one year of use, the leg sleeves may have become loose or cannot be firmly fixed to the lower legs. You need to buy a new compression leg sleeve to ensure that the leg sleeve is in the most perfect condition, providing the best compression on the calf.

2. Compression socks

Compression socks

In the cold winter, you will find that the soles of the feet can easily feel cold and lose consciousness. The soles of the feet are lower temperatures, so it is very important to keep the feet warm when running outdoors. Compression socks can provide compression on the soles of the feet to speed up the blood circulation of the feet to ensure that the feet are warm. Cold feet during exercise can easily cause cramps in the soles of the feet, which is very painful and dangerous. When performing vigorous foot exercises such as running, the strength of the body will go down and focus on the feet together. Once the strength exceeds the force that the arch can withstand, it may cause laceration and bleeding of the plantar ligament, and induce plantar fasciitis waiting for foot problems. Compression socks can support the ankle, reduce the risk of twisting the ankle, and sprain the ankle. If your running gear lacks compression socks, you can improve your running gear to protect your feet and avoid ankle and arch damage.

3. Running shoes

Running shoes

For running, running shoes are the most important piece of equipment. It must fit your foot perfectly and provide support for muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Running shoes should choose a soft shell to allow the feet to move freely. The hard shell will become harder in winter, increasing the possibility of cutting the foot, and also restricting foot movement. The waterproof shell of running shoes can resist external moisture entering the feet through the ventilated holes, and the breathable fabric can give sweaty feet to discharge moisture and keep the feet dry. No matter what the situation is, we must pay attention to the anti-slip function of the shoes, which can increase the attraction of the soles to the smooth ground and prevent accidents.

4. Compression arm sleeves

Compression arm sleeves

The compression arm sleeve can also provide pressure to the arm, maintain arm blood circulation, and adjust the arm temperature to maintain comfort. This is very important for winter running because the temperature of the hands and feet is not high when you start running. During the cold winter, it is difficult for your body to maintain a comfortable temperature. Even if you are sweating during exercise, you will quickly feel that your arm's heat will be lost when you stop exercising. Faced with the temperature of the arm that is falling quickly, the arm cover can keep the blood warm by compressing to keep the arm warm. Compression can provide more oxygen and nutrients to the arm, reduce the production of lactic acid, and reduce pain and swelling in the arm.

5. Helmet liner cap

Helmet liner cap

We all know that outdoor temperatures are very low in winter, so don’t forget to wear a hat to keep your head warm when you exercise. Otherwise, the sharp drop in your head temperature may easily cause headaches, cold, and colds. The hat can choose the polyester fiber, spandex and other fabrics that can provide warmth and keep the head warm; it must also have moisture absorption and ventilation functions to keep the head dry and prevent cold water from entering the head. The elastic running hat can fit tightly against the scalp to ensure that it will not fall during running, nor will it be too tight to tighten the head and cause discomfort.

6. Running clothing

Running clothing

When running in the cold winter, your running clothing must not only absorb the moisture generated by sports but also have a good windproof and waterproof function to prevent cold wind and cold water from invading your body. Winter running clothing also needs a little lining on the inner layer to keep warm and avoid excessive temperature loss; of course, unless you are running in extremely cold conditions, you don't need to wear heavy clothes to affect running. Tops and pants should be lined with tight, breathable fabrics to ensure warmth and dryness, to prevent sweat from soaking the clothes and making them feel cold during running.

7.Face mask

Face mask

The mask should be the most overlooked item in running gear, but it can keep the face, ears, and neck warm. In fact, the temperature of the body rises during running, which causes everyone to ignore the ears and neck that are exposed to the cold wind and moisture, so many people face frostbite after running. The mask can provide additional protection for the face, ears, and neck against the cold winter air. It can also absorb moisture and perspiration to keep the face and neck dry and warm.

Hurry up and replace the old sports equipment. Although Black Friday has passed, many stores have started or are planning the next Christmas discount, and you can still enjoy the discount.