We often hear that fitness is good for you, it can help burn calories, control weight, increase blood circulation and reduce the risk of heart disease; strengthen bones and muscles and many other benefits. Therefore, more and more people now start various fitness sports such as running, yoga, gym, but beginners may be overwhelmed and don't know how to start exercising. I will show you 15 fitness tips that will transform you from beginner to fitness fanatic and get amazing benefits from exercise.

1. Determine your fitness goals

The first step to fitness is knowing why you are exercising and finding your fitness goals. Do you want to improve your body health or improve your mood or sleep? You need to be aware that once you decide to start working out, it will change your original lifestyle and habits, taking up your time and energy. Arrange fitness plans based on fitness goals, how to incorporate fitness plans into your life, can you insist on regular fitness?

2. Increase fitness interest

When starting fitness, don't try to complete all the fitness activities and equipment you want to try in one day. Such excessive investment is likely to make you exhausted on the first day of fitness and then decide not to exercise. You should try to start from your favorite or most interested fitness item, find the fun of fitness and feel the good time of fitness. You can also announce your fitness goals on social media such as Facebook, Ins or Twitter, which will increase your motivation for fitness.

3. Make a fitness plan

A reasonable fitness plan can ensure that physicBreast pain to ensure that your body can withstand the intensity of fitness. After another month, try to exercise again for an hour, and gradually increase the fitness time to ensure that the fitness is safe and effective. Rather than making a high-intensity exercise plan that involves working out for six hours a day, one day a week, this will make physical fatigue unable to return to its optimal state on time.

4. Find support

Passion and motivation for fitness can support you for a while, but it is likely that you will give up your fitness plan when the enthusiasm fades. At this time, you'd better find a partner who exercises with you or join the community, encourage and support each other, and help you to persistently execute your fitness plan, making fitness a habit. Once you develop a fitness habit, it will trigger your fitness behavior without the need for psychological support.

5. Invest in fitness clothing

For fitness, an unsuitable pair of shoes may have a negative impact on joints and ligaments, especially if you have frequent foot movements such as running. Therefore, it is necessary to invest in a good pair of sports shoes for your feet if your budget allows it. If you like to exercise your arm muscles or leg muscles, you can choose to buy compression arm sleeves or calf sleeves to provide compression for the arms and calves and increase blood circulation to help muscles recover quickly.

compression arm sleeves

6. Slow fitness activities

When you start to exercise, keep gentle on your body and exercise slowly. Do not exceed the strength that your muscles can bear. Although a half-hour fitness period is established, some people may choose to run 13 miles in half an hour, which is very likely to cause injuries or severe muscle damage the next day. Be honest with your body healthy and be gentle with your body. Don't try to be as powerful as a fitness trainer in a short period of time.

7.Dynamic stretching exercises

Don't forget to warm up before starting fitness activities to wake up your body joints and muscles. Appropriate dynamic stretching exercises such as twisting the torso, lunge pressing the legs, and high knees can warm up the body to help enter the fat-burning state, increase local blood circulation and increase heart rate, and prepare for tendons, joints and ligaments to prevent sports muscle and ligament damage. Dynamic stretching exercises can also lengthen muscles, improve their function, and avoid cramps.

8. Pay attention to healthy eating

Fitness is a combination of many aspects, and diet and training can be combined to get good results. Ingesting protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of exercise can replenish your body's energy, penetrate muscle recovery and build a perfect physique. A healthy diet is a combination of different things, including cereals, beans, fruits, vegetables, and meat, which ingest energy and nutrients needed by the body to ensure good health.

9. Long-term adherence

People often dream of their perfect fitness results before fitness and hope to reach it in a short time, but in fact, if your goal is large, then it will not be achieved quickly. We should regard exercise as a fun lifestyle, not a purpose. We should enjoy the healthy body and happy mood brought by fitness and stick to it for a long time. If you are looking forward to perfect fitness results, long-term uninterrupted fitness is even more necessary.


10.Increase exercise

Fitness is a long-term project that can add different exercise methods to improve the boring feeling brought by fitness, increase the positive atmosphere to enjoy it during exercise, and bring a good mood. After a certain exercise, you feel that you should be able to increase some difficulty, which means that your fitness has a good effect, which is the reward of long-term adherence to fitness.

11. Set the challenge

You should set some small challenges in your exercise plan, and adjust the exercise method according to the set challenges, so that you invest enough energy to achieve it, and get the satisfaction of the challenge successfully. Set some challenges for your fitness plan and go beyond it. There is nothing better than achieving one challenge at a time. Maybe it will pay off after a while and have enough ability to challenge the marathon.

12. Adjust sleep

Some people tend to brag that they rarely sleep and stay up late, indicating their attitude towards life. But getting enough sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle, especially for those who decide to exercise. The body consumes a lot of energy during fitness. At this time, sufficient sleep time is needed to provide energy for the muscles, joints, heart, etc. of the body to repair.

13. Monitor heart rate

If you invest in a heart rate monitor, you can always know how your body responds to training, and make smart choices based on the data on the monitor to increase the intensity of your exercise and better achieve your fitness goals. You can also clearly perceive your own fatigue level based on changes in the data on the monitor, avoid physical injury caused by excessive exercise, and accurately know your fitness results.

14. Pay attention to rest

Fitness should bring better health instead of injury. Unless you are a professional athlete, don’t perform high-intensity training daily. Pay attention to the relaxation of rest days. Avoid daily fatigue to reduce enthusiasm. At the same time, give the body a hint of relaxation. Provide sufficient time for the body muscles to repair and grow.

15. Fixed fitness time

Research shows that between 2 and 6 pm is the best time to exercise, and if you can, it is best to exercise during this time. In the face of busy work or courses, you may not be able to exercise at this time, but you should choose a fixed exercise time to keep your body muscles remembered and used to achieve fitness goals better and faster.